Datameer for Data Analysts

  14 hours

Python for Excel

  14 hours

R Programming for Finance

  28 hours

Embedding Projector: Visualizing Your Training Data

  14 hours

Data Analysis for Marketers

  14 hours

Big Data Business Intelligence for Criminal Intelligence Analysis

  35 hours

Dashbuilder for Business Users

  14 hours

Dashbuilder for Engineers

  7 hours

A Practical Introduction to Data Science

  35 hours

Pentaho Open Source BI Suite Community Edition (CE)

  28 hours

Pentaho Data Integration Fundamentals

  21 hours

Power BI for Business Analysts

  21 hours

Power BI

  14 hours

Power BI for Developers

  28 hours

Data Analysis with Tableau and Python

  14 hours

Foundation R

  7 hours

Data Visualization: Creating Captivating Reports

  21 hours

Highcharts for Data Visualization

  7 hours


  14 hours

kdb+ and q: Analyze Time Series Data

  21 hours

Matlab for Prescriptive Analytics

  14 hours

Python for Geographic Information System (GIS)

  21 hours

KNIME Analytics Platform for BI

  21 hours

Tableau for Developers

  21 hours

Tableau Fundamentals

  14 hours


  35 hours

Nagios XI Administration

  21 hours

Magellan: Geospatial Analytics on Spark

  14 hours Visualizing Large-scale Geospatial Data

  14 hours

Zeppelin for Interactive Data Analytics

  14 hours

Introduction to Data Visualization with Tidyverse and R

  7 hours

D3.js for Data Visualization

  7 hours

QlikView for Developers

  14 hours

QlikView for Business Users

  7 hours

F# for Data Science

  21 hours

Apache Drill

  21 hours

Dremio for Self-Service Data Analysis

  21 hours

Apache Arrow for Data Analysis across Disparate Data Sources

  14 hours

QGIS for Geographic Information System

  21 hours


  14 hours


  14 hours

I mostly liked the knowledge of the Trainer.

Sripal S [Understanding Business Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0]

I generally enjoyed the way of delivering speech.

Bhaskar naidu [Understanding Business Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0]

I genuinely enjoyed the trainer's helping.

Urszula Kuza [Tableau Advanced]

I get answers on all my questions.

Natalia Gladii [Data Analytics With R]

I gained a good overview of the process editors, business rules and BPMS tools landscape. I highly recommend the practical BPMN for Business Analysts course, even for experienced analysts, with its excellent process scenarios and modeling practice it will position you a cut above the rest!.

Anees Baig [BPMN 2.0 for Business Analysts]

Very informative and gave a nice overall summary of the course outline.

Matthew Steptoe [Contemporary Development Principles and Practices]

I enjoyed all of Day 1.

Peter Mahaffey [Contemporary Development Principles and Practices]

I liked the exercises as it's the only way to learn, by repetition.

David Rushe [Tableau Advanced]

I enjoyed the exercises, The training room, Tea kitchen.

Alisher Khaydarov [BPMN 2 Fundamentals and Workshop]

The pace and progression was perfect to really understand things quickly.

Stephen Brewell [BPMN 2.0 for Business Analysts]

The examples given really helped me to understand some concepts. The trainer made sure that we were following the whole training and didn't hesitate to come back to a previous point of there was any doubt. The trainer adapted the training to our needs, giving focus to the items we would like to have more details. Practical exercises were good too.

Amanda Moscardini - Campinas Valley [Understanding Business Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0]

Debra made sure to understand my questions and answered them precisely. The suggestions on how to design diagrams under certain conditions were really good. I would like to reinforce how professional and efficient Debra was with us.

Leandro Antonio [Understanding Business Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0]

I like the exercises done.

Nour Assaf [Data Mining and Analysis ]

The hands-on exercise and the trainer capacity to explain complex topics in simple terms.

youssef chamoun [Data Mining and Analysis ]

The information given was interesting and the best part was towards the end when we were provided with Data from Durex and worked on Data we are familiar with and perform operations to get results.

Jessica Chaar [Data Mining and Analysis ]

I thought that the information was interesting.

Allison May [Data Visualization]

I really appreciated that Jeff utilized data and examples that were applicable to education data. He made it interesting and interactive.

Carol Wells Bazzichi [Data Visualization]

Learning about all the chart types and what they are used for. Learning the value of cluttering. Learning about the methods to show time data.

Susan Williams [Data Visualization]

Trainer was enthusiastic.

Diane Lucas [Data Visualization]

I really liked the content / Instructor.

Craig Roberson [Data Visualization]

I am a hands-on learner and this was something that he did a lot of.

Lisa Comfort [Data Visualization]

I liked the examples.

Peter Coleman [Data Visualization]

I liked the examples.

Peter Coleman [Data Visualization]

I enjoyed the good real world examples, reviews of existing reports.

Ronald Parrish [Data Visualization]

I like the way Birol customized some parts of the training catering to my role as Business Analyst. This way, he was able to focus on the topics that are important and not dwell on topics that I generally will not use in my work. He teaches very clear and ensures that you understand a topic before going to the next. You can say that he is a seasoned professor and very knowledgeable on his subject, and knows how to analyze training needs of the student to effectively cover topics which are essential and relevant. This makes his sessions very effective as it is flexible and right on target. His materials are very comprehensive and he makes a point to follow the curriculum but making it more relevant to the student. I appreciate that he knows industry standards and is able to give his insights as to what works. I've never learned as much as I did on a 2-day course and it is worth all the time and effort. The training did expedite my learning of BPMN 2.0 and gave me the basics and confidence to start practicing the technique in my work. Thank you Birol and NobleProg for a wonderful learning experience I will surely recommend the course and trainer to future colleagues.

Irma Irosido [BPMN 2.0 for Business Analysts]

I really was benefit from the willingness of the trainer to share more.

Balaram Chandra Paul [A practical introduction to Data Analysis and Big Data]

I really was benefit from the interactivity and dedicated trainer.

Pierre Bruwier [BPMN 2 Fundamentals and Workshop]

Offering a more in-depth scope about Power BI more than any training institute that I came across to.

Mohammed Al Ameer [Power BI]

Liked very much the interactive way of learning.

Luigi Loiacono [Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL]

I enjoyed the Excel sheets provided having the exercises with examples. This meant that if Tamil was held up helping other people, I could crack on with the next parts.

Luke Pontin [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

Learning how to use excel properly.

Torin Mitchell [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

The way the trainer made complex subjects easy to understand.

Adam Drewry [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

It was a very practical training, I liked the hands-on exercises.

Proximus [Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL]

Detailed and comprehensive instruction given by experienced and clearly knowledgeable expert on the subject.

Justin Roche [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

Tamil is very knowledgeable and nice person, I have learned from him a lot.

Aleksandra Szubert [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

I liked the first session. Very intensive and quick.

Digital Jersey [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

I was benefit from the good overview, good balance between theory and exercises.

Proximus [Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL]

I mostly liked the patience of Tamil.

Laszlo Maros [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

I enjoyed the dynamic interaction and “hands-on” the subject, thanks to the Virtual Machine, very stimulating!.

Philippe Job [Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL]

I really was benefit from the real life practical examples.

Wioleta (Vicky) Celinska-Drozd [Data and Analytics - from the ground up ]

I was benefit from the competence and knowledge of the trainer.

Jonathan Puvilland [Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL]

Exercises, additional tips from the trainer, flexibility to add more insights when requested.

Anna Alechno [Power BI]

I generally was benefit from the presentation of technologies.

Continental AG / Abteilung: CF IT Finance [A practical introduction to Data Analysis and Big Data]

Overall the Content was good.

Sameer Rohadia [A practical introduction to Data Analysis and Big Data]

I mostly enjoyed the power BI possibility.

British American Shared Services Europe [Power BI]

I generally was benefit from the power bi web- Q.

Cristina Palii [Power BI]

I genuinely enjoyed the visualization part.

Alexandra Grigoriu [Power BI]

Good coverage of all Power BI themes relevant and useful for creating reliable dashboards and reports as a beginner.

Gabriel Purghel [Power BI]

I liked the focus and the emphasis on self-learning, playing and reading on external resources. No Application can be taught in 2 days and self-study is very important.

Vlad Andrei Bucur [Power BI]

Fast paced - good interaction - clearly very knowledgeable trainer.

  [Business Process Analysis with UML and BPMN]

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